Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Birthday Tina

Yesterday was my sister Tina's Birthday.

This year has been a good year for Tina she has a new and gorgeous home. It is bright and cheerful and the main thing is it makes her very happy. She has also been promoted this year and is now a Manager of a Library-a promotion that is long over due and she is now in a job I know she will excel at.
Tina loves to travel and has been to many countries in the world experiencing the wonderful cultures and sites this world has to offer.
Tina has many talents and the one that I admire most is her dancing-she can do almost any dance you can think of-jive, salsa, tango and the list goes on.
Last year I spent some time ill and one thing I remember is Tina coming home from work and coming up to my bedroom and just chatting about her day or coming to see me in hospital and just talking about 'normal' everyday things. These were a welcome distraction and meant a lot to me-so thank you Tina x

However one thing that Tina enjoys is a long and restful soak in the bath and so with this in mind I made her this card.

And here is a photo of Tina-on the right-at a party a few years ago, with my Mum, Dad and me. An old photo but one where she does look rather chic!

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  1. I'm with Tina on the long soaks in the bath tub! Happy birthday to her and a gorgeous card with lots of heartfelt love! I love the picture of all four of you. Your dad is looking extra handsome in his Munro tartan!