Monday, 1 September 2014

Getting to Know Me Blog Hop

A few weeks ago I was 'tagged' by the lovely Sarah to take part in the 'Getting to Know Me' blog hop. I was very surprised and very honoured that such a fabulous crafter found my cards inspiring and tagged me! If you are not aware of Sarah's blog Funky Fossils Designs then please do go and and visit will be inspired!

First off I am going to share a card with you so if you don't have time (or don't want to) read the rest of the post at least you get to see one of my cards.

This card was inspired by the photo this week at Festive Friday-I went with all the green and sentiment in the middle, although my version is very CAS compared to the photo! I will also enter this into Marina's Christmas card challenge and the 'Early Xmas Makes' at Allsorts Challenge

Now lets move on to the questions and getting to know me better. I will try to keep it short so you stay with me!

1. What creative projects are you currently working on?

At the moment I seem to be spending a lot of my crafty time preparing my Design Team cards. I have a list of the cards I need to do and am slowly working through them. I am also starting to think about the challenges for next year at Time Out Challenges, the challenge I co-run with my friend Nonni, we like to be prepared! Aside from this I have discovered I really enjoy water colouring free hand but I am not good at drawing so when I have time I watch videos on how to do this. Then I have a go. My efforts are not so good but I do enjoy doing it....and that is what counts-right? 

2. What inspires your designs?

Inspiration is one of my favourite topics! It often amazes me how a card is influenced, often, by many things. I guess first off it would be challenges that inspire an idea but often it is more than one challenge. I might see a challenge and get a rough idea of what I want to do.I then may think on it for a few days (yes days!) and then suddenly I see another challenge and the idea is complete! Then I can get creating. I have a few favourite challenges (aside from the ones I am on the Design Teams for) that I like to play along with. But if I had to choose just one challenge that I actually wait for on a Thursday it is Fusion-I am a fan of photo challenges and this one, for some reason, never fails to inspire me! Check out my Wed DT project for Addicted to Stamps and More- I made this straight after seeing this week's Fusion photo and the sketch from CAS(E) this Sketch (another fav of mine)

Inspiration also comes from other bloggers. I am a fan of pinterest and visit the boards of many of you out there to get inspired. Or I remember a card I may have seen on your blogs and go to your blog and hunt to I find it. And, lets face it, our little community is full of inspiration from each other-we often need little else!

3. What methods or process do you apply to each creative project and how long does each project take to complete?

Gosh...a process...who knows?? I usually get the idea in my head, get out the stamps and ink I think will work. I will place them on the card to see where I think they will look best, move them around a bit until I am happy and then off I go. I am the Queen of mistakes and smudges but I am also not a fan of re-starting a card. I use the 'cover up' method-an enamel dot or sequin placed strategically can do the job-and you all thought I just liked enamel dots!!

Projects can take me 5 mins to over an hour, it really does vary. The longest part of the process for me is thinking of the idea. I am often kept awake because I can't get an idea for a card out of my head!

4. If you had to describe your signature style what would it be?

Well that is easy-CAS. 

5. What 3 crafting products/tools could you not live without?

As Sarah said last week, if I have ink and stamps I am happy. My real love is just plain old stamping, no fancy techniques, just stamp and go. But apart from that it would have to be:

1. My Tonic Paper trimmer
2. My score board
3  Lined acrylic blocks

I think that is enough on me. Now it is time for me to tag 2 fellow crafters that inspire me and they will be doing their 'getting to know me' posts next Monday

First up is Nonni, who I am sure you all know is a very dear friend of mine but I have tagged her as she is the person who inspired me to put down the ink one day and have a go at colouring. She gave me detailed instructions of how to start (of which I still refer to) and guided me through the process. She is an expert at colouring and a true inspiration. I have also tagged her as I am amazed by her ability to create cards in all styles. She can do CAS cards to perfection and then move onto Vintage with no problem. Something I really wish I could. So check out her blog korttikarkuri and be inspired.

Second up is Kim who has the coolest name for her blog Art Keeps me Sane-how true is that! Kim really is so creative. I would say her style is CAS with a really creative edge I wish I had! I am often amazed by her creative take to challenges. If you check out her blog you will see she did a Fine Arts Degree and this sure shows in her work-check out her paintings here-truly inspiring especially for me as I begin my journey into water colouring free hand.

If you did manage to make it to the end congratulations! I know I said I would keep it short so sorry for that but I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and don't forget to pop over next Monday to get to know Nonni and Kim

And finally Festive Friday's photo that inspired my card today:


  1. Perfect card. Wonderful post xx

  2. Perfectly CAS card. Just wonderful. And it was great knowing more about you and how you get inspired. I can totally relate to you in that. :)

  3. Love the card, Sandie. Perfectly CAS. Loved getting to know you better too. Thanks for you very kind words about me. The feeling is mutual! :-)

  4. Love reading this Sandie. Fabulous. We craft the same way...and I quite often have an idea in my head that I can't get out! Love your CAS interpretation for Festive Friday. Fabulous!

  5. What a brilliant post, Sandie ... so enjoyed it ... and had a smile at you not sleeping because of a card idea in your head ... me too! Your perfectly CAS card is stunning ... love those simple green boughs with the touch of red ... and may have to CASE! Anita :)

  6. Love that CAS Christmas card Sandie - such a cool take on the inspiration photo! I love how you use white space (which still challenges me!). Great post - thank you for the kind words. I was delighted that you said yes and you have tagged two great cardmakers...I look forward to reading Kim and Nonni's posts next week :)

  7. This is so sweet and I love it for it's simplicity--we don't always need to cover the entire card to achieve something beautiful and this is proof! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Festive Friday!

  8. Firstly, what a beautiful card, CAS perfection! Your post is very well written and it was interesting to read about your thoughts. Thanks for tagging me hon!! xxx

  9. What a sweet and perfectly pretty CAS card! Delighted to have you back at Festive Friday!!!

  10. Beautiful CAS Christmas card Sandie. Crisp and clean!! Loll xx

  11. Sandie I love getting to know more of wonderful you! Love what you are currently working on, I can't draw very well but I am trying new and messy things lately and having such fun. Keep working at it because I love to see what you are doing. Love your process and that you are not fond ofo do-overs--I need to learn from you! Doing alright, hope you are too!

  12. So very elegant Sandie and perfect for this weeks theme at Allsorts, thank so much for joining in.

    B x

  13. A perfect CAS take on this week's inspiration! So glad you joined us at Festive Friday, Sandie!

  14. Gorgeous card and I always love reading about what makes you do what you do and getting to know you better.

  15. Really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing, Sandie. You've definitely grown into a fabulous crafter. So happy for you!
    hugs, Asha

  16. Hi Sandie. Love your CAS card - the red gems really look great against the foliage. Nice to read about you too. Thanks a lot for joining in with my Festive 48. Hope you can link up again next week. Marina

  17. Such a beautiful CAS card! Love what you did with the inspiration photo!! It was fun to read about you too! :) So glad you joined us at Festive Friday! :)

  18. I think I know you pretty well as there were no surprises, just confirmations. I'm so envious you're able to make your cards so quickly and with such a great result, and the queen of cover up? That suits me too!
    Your ultra CAS Christmas card looks fantastic, plenty of traditional feel!

  19. Lovely card and awesome post !!

  20. First, your card shines with its lovely simplicity of the boughs, sentiment and red gems. So eye-catching. Learning more about you: most engaging! Your style, your approach to card-making, your 'essential tools'...something delightful discovered about you that brings a smile to my face (and brightens my day immensely! I'm missing my family and it's SNOWING here...gahhhhhh!!)

  21. I just saw Nonni's post and realized that I had missed this one of yours, Sandie. I had to come and read more about you and I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish! I love how your design mind works and your beautiful CAS creations!! Hugs, Darnell