Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ben......our very own new crafting recruit!

No cards from me today but from our new recruit-Ben.

Ben is the son of my best friend from school, Clare. Clare and her husband, Ian, and Ben came to stay last night after they had been sightseeing in London. After riding the London eye, seeing the Lion King and being very scared in the depths of the London Dungeons they braved our little home for the night! I didn't want to scare them anymore than was necessary so ordered a Thai take-out rather than cook!

Whilst Callum, Ian and Clare enjoyed a few drinks, Ben and I got to work making cards. We got very inky but Ben was a natural and made some gorgeous cards. He learnt how to download the images, unzip the files, ink the edges, use the guillotine, which sticky pads and glues to use when and loved using the 'Big Shot' to make die cuts. Plus he taught me a few very useful computer moves that will help me when using my digi images.

Queue drum are Ben's creations:

 He chose this image as the whole family play softball. He chose the colour scheme himself and added the button to represent the ball......creative guy!

And this next card is for his brother, Matt, who is coming home from skiing today with the school (Matt won the 'Flirt Award' for drawing hearts in the snow for his instructor!!)

Well today Ben wins the 'New recruit award' for this card:

The top is actually red not pink as it appears in the photo but as you know photos are not my speciality!

The digi images are from kennykdownloads

Enjoy your weekend x


  1. good job Ben! Particularly like the softball card -very dynamic - and I love the ball/button!
    I'm so rubbish at being creative so always admire the skill in someone else - and Sandie is obviously a great teacher too!
    Phaedra xx -

  2. My goodness Ben! You are amazingly talented! I love them both, but my favorite is the first one! We have lots of baseball players in my house so I could definitely use that card!

  3. It looks like your little artist did an amazing job! How fun!