Sunday, 26 April 2020

Happy 80th Dad!

Hi All

Today my Dad is 80!

I know we all think our Dad's are the best.....but you all have it wrong....because it is my Dad who is the best!
He is always there for me in good and bad times and let's face it, I have not made it easy! 

With the world strange as it is he will not have the 80th as it was planned but I know he will know he is surrounded by love, even if from afar.

I made a special card for him-he is Scottish so I got a Thistle stencil from Funky Fossil Designs and did my best at making the colours work-had to look up colours of thistles on the internet to make sure I got it right!

Hope you like it Dad and as the sentiment says....I love you xx

And I wanted to share with you all a couple of my fav photos of me and Dad on my Wedding Day-15 years ago now. This is in Santorini at sunset and Dad next to be, all the way!

Have a great day Dad xx



  1. What gorgeous stencilling, Sandie ... perfect colours and so soft and dreamy ... your Dad must've loved it! Congratulations to him on his 80th! Stunning photo's ... no wonder they're among your favourites with your Dad. LOVE the haircut ... you look like a movie star! Hugs, Anita :)

  2. Love that stencil and the colours, a great simple card, I know your Dad will love it. Thanks for sharing the photos of your wedding day too. You look so happy and what a beautiful place xx

  3. so beautiful card!
    lovely photos!

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad, such a handsome man. Love your beautiful card, the colors are fabulous. Love your wedding day photos, you look simply stunning.

  5. Beautiful pics! Congrats wth your dad's 80th BD! And the tistles are so beautifully sponges (love those colours)! Think you got so good in working with stencils! Stay save and Hugs, Gerrina

  6. Beautiful stenciling with perfect colors, almost as beautiful as your memories! Hope your dad has a fabulous day, and you'll be together again soon!

  7. Sandie, this brought tears to my eyes! Your thistle card for your Dad's 80th is very special, just like he is! He's very good looking and anyone can tell that you both love each other very much! Thank you for sharing the photos! It's a treat to see you so happy and glowing and congratulations on 15 years together with hubby! Please take care and keep safe! Hugs, Darnell