Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Challenge A Crafting Buddy!

My crafting chum Asha and I challenged each other to make a card in the style of each other. Asha's cards are stunning and very detailed. She loves patterned paper, embossing, ribbon, gems and most of all stitching. And all her stitching is hand-done, amazing! I got a gorgeous card from her in the post this weekend and was just overwhelmed by how talented she is and when you see the card in real life it is even more impressive.

Asha has had a go at CAS-see her version of CAS here. When I saw this card it inspired me to get going making a super detailed card. I decided to un-cas one of my own cards and this is the one I chose:

And here is the un-cas version (after hours of playing)

Please note-no stamping!! Patterned paper, 2 ribbons (the bottom one was a pressie from Asha), die cuts, embossing, flowers, gems and curved edges!! Pretty non cas and really not my style but I kinda like it!
Then when I thought my work was done I remembered that my crafting chum always decorates the when I am faced with a challenge I can't give up. And here is the inside:

I will be entering this into the die cutting challenge over on totally gorjuss

This was a lot of fun, so why not challenge one of your crafting chums??

So did I do???


  1. Well, my friend.... I have to admit: You did pretty darn well! Fab colours, gorgeous die-cuts, details and doo-dahs! But wait! Its not over, you've gone crazy on the inside too! Wow!

    Despite my earlier fall from grace, I've got to give CAS another go.... though I haven't a clue how to pull it off!


  2. yes but I didn't get to stitch. Bad person, next time out will come he needle and thread........fingers beware!

  3. Ahhh...this is fabulous! I love the decorated inside...awesome design!!