Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I have scheduled this post as I am away in Spain, hopefully enjoying the kind of sunset that I created in my card for today.
This is for the calendar I am making for a Xmas gift. I used a homemade stencil and then blended the inks. I just love this sentiment from ginger house. I hope you look at this and dream just for a bit.

I must go now and enjoy a class of wine, watch the sunset and dream some more! x


  1. My my! How organised is that? A scheduled post while on hols? I'm glad you did - this is blending technique of yours is supreme! Got me dreaming of a Spanish sunset...wait a minute...its EXACTLY the kind of sunset we have in Portugal! Enjoy your sangria and salsa, my friend!

  2. Your inking on this is so gorgeous Sandie! So soothing.